Turf Field

  • WHO are we? The Scorpion Athletic Booster Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Your donation is a tax-deductible charitable contribution as allowed by law – check with your tax consultant.
  • WHAT are we doing? The SABC is installing artificial turf on the Camarillo High School stadium field. See our FAQ sheet for more detailed information.
  • WHY TURF? To provide our students, athletes, and our community a high quality, consistent field surface with no downtime.
  • WHERE is the project? Turf the stadium athletic field; resurface the track, and turf the practice fields.
  • WHEN is this happening? We will break ground as soon as we’ve collected the necessary funds for the first phase of this project.
  • HOW MUCH will this cost? If only 6,800 families each purchase 1 Yard of Turf at $250, we will reach our goal for the entire project. That is about $1.40 per school day from only 10% of Camarillo residents.

We can do that!

  • WHO will benefit? Each and every member of the Camarillo community.
  • HOW are we doing this? The SABC will lease the stadium, contract directly for the construction, and donate the completed stadium back to the OUHSD.
  • WHO are we partnering with? Hellas Construction provides a complete end-to-end solution for both the track and fields.
  • TOGETHER, we can do this for our kids and our community! Buy YOUR Yards of Turf today!